The Camera That Has A Phone

Not many years ago, we snapped photos with a camera and made calls with a telephone. Now we take photos with a phone and use our camera for a doorstop.

Steve Jobs helped change our world. Instead of a select few, now we all have the opportunity to be photographers. The iPhone became the best camera ever because it is always in our pockets, ready to capture every moment of our lives – busting open film’s 36 exposure limit to an unlimited amount of processed images instantly shared with the world. The iPhone was It. Could there be another device that will change all that?


I can’t tell you how I obtained the Panasonic CM1. I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but when I opened the black box, I gasped. It wasn’t a phone that took pictures. It was more like a camera that also made phone calls – with a beautiful 2.8 Leica lens no less. It’s got a 20 megapixel, 1 inch sensor that will capture images with enough digital information to make stunning 20×30 inch prints. The Panasonic CM1 looked as though it had been displayed under glass and then shipped to me from the Museum of Modern Art.  It’s not even available (yet) in America – only in parts of Europe and Japan. It costs nearly a grand. Every time I pick it up, I carefully cradle it with both hands.

Did I mention it even shoots in RAW?


With the battery already charged, I ran out the door, ready to see if it performed as well as it looked. I approached a dad with his little girl and asked if I could take a few photos of them. He was very hesitant – until he looked at the camera – I mean phone.


Rusty, a homeless guy leaning on his shopping cart, was more than happy to have his photo taken. Later, Mark, a surfer on the beach, had the same reaction. If nothing more, this classically designed beauty has given me access that an intimidating SLR could never do.



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