A Boy And His Dog

Christopher Briscoe

Quincy and Sunny Quincy and Sunny

There are so many benchmarks in our children’s lives: the first smile, the first wave, the first missing tooth, the first day of school. Another benchmark for many, is the first family pet. There is something special about a boy and his dog. It is a unique relationship that few will never forget. Someone once remarked, “Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a parent willing to let him have one.”

When my son, Quincy was about 6, he begged me for a dog. Finally caving in, I promised him I’d get him a dog by summer’s end. It was a promise that was not well thought out, but closer than, “we’ll see.”  Frankly, I did not want a dog. I did not want to feed one, take care of one, let alone pay for any vet bills. When “Dog Day” finally approached, we went…

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