Photography In A New Age


IphoneOgraphy. I love all of the effects I can get with my apps. No longer do I have to work it all out in Photoshop. Now I can just scroll thru the apps and select what I like. My craft has once again shifted to a higher plane. Wonderful . So fulfilling. So easy.

So I am sitting in my favorite chair outside Starbucks in La Jolla. A girl walks by with a friend, pushing their bikes. I click my ebook to save my page, then click on my stealth camera that is a part of my iPad. I aim and snap my photo. By the time my subject is a half block away, I have created my image just the way I like it. This image is about shapes, partitions,  lines… Will it hang in a gallery? Nope. But I like it. The artistic satisfaction it brings to me fills me up.


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